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After School Clubs are a Crime?

So… Today after school, I decided I would give chess a chance. At 3:40 P.M, there was a fire drill (that’s a whole other story). So, after I got into my car after the drill, my brother and mom asked where I had been. I told them I was at chess (No lie) my brother literally got me to sit in his laps by force, and then started beating me up. What the hell was that? O_O


Getting To Know Me~

Well, there’s not much to know about me. Some things you might want to know are that I play MapleStory, am a book worm, and have a very agitated, fast-paced life. I might be talking about my life, or giving you updates on MapleStory (Courtesy of Spadow: ), and my name is Rodrigo Cervantes. I hope you’ll enjoy my blog!

P.S: I don’t live in the U.S.A, I live in a country named El Salvador.